Choose the right size of the waterbed:

With a soft side waterbed, the mattress is in a foam frame, which calculates the actual sleeping area differently than a standard mattress. In this article, we will explain how to choose the right size of your waterbed.

  • The sleeping area of ​​a waterbed
  • Waterbed dimensions
  • Measurement of the water mattress
  • Choose the right size of waterbed
  • The sleeping area of ​​a waterbed

Waterbeds, like any other bed, are marked with the known external dimensions, varying from 90 to 200 cm wide and from 200 to 220 cm long. There are even water beds with a length of 230 cm, but these are usually only available on order.

The dimensions of a soft side waterbed are measured from the outside of the surrounding foam frame. This foam frame is about 7 cm wide and runs diagonally to the floor to distribute the pressure. The actual sleeping area is thus 14 cm smaller than the specified outside dimensions. Buy thebest-mattress now.

For the width dimension is that wider course, of course, always pleasant, but in the choice of the width is often the space in the bedroom crucial.

Tip: Choose the right size of waterbed

To determine the correct size of your waterbed, you must take into account the dimensions of the surrounding outside foam frame. The underside of the foam frame is about 17 cm. The greatest comfort and the best support you have when you lie in full length in the foam frame. Therefore, for the ideal size, it is best to peel 25 cm from the outside.

We always recommend the following measurements, depending on the height:

  • Up to 175 cm: Choose a waterbed with a length of 200 cm.
  • 176 – 185 cm: Choose a waterbed 210 cm or more in length.
  • 186 – 200 cm: Choose a waterbed with a length of 220 cm.
  • Greater than 200 cm: Choose a waterbed with a length of 230 cm.

With a waterbed, the rule is that bigger is always better. Both in terms of width and length. In a larger waterbed, you are always well and your body is supported evenly across the entire width.

The most commonly sold waterbed models are therefore also 180 x 200 cm and 200 x 220 cm.