Step plan: place new water mattress yourself:

Placing a new water mattress is not complicated. It only takes some time, as you have to empty your “old” water mattress and fill your new water mattress. See the steps below for all the information you need to change your water mattress yourself.

Step 1: Turn off the heater

This step is actually obvious but sometimes forgotten. It is important to turn off the waterbed heater as it will otherwise adjust to the temperature of your bedroom. This temperature is likely to be lower than the temperature in your bed, which means that the heater will need more power to maintain the set temperature, which consumes more power. Pull the plug out of the socket and, if possible, disconnect the thermostat from the heating element. This will help you to pull the cable through the opening of the cover at a later time.

Step 2: Empty water mattress

For emptying your water mattress, we recommend that you use a waterbed pump. This pumps the water mattress completely empty and vacuums into the mattress so you can easily lift it out of the waterbed. Do you have a waterbed with a duo system? Then we recommend you to empty both mattresses at the same time. In addition, we will tell you why you should rather not empty your water mattress with a garden hose. Buy the best mattress now.

Step 3: Replace the water mattress

Now that the mattress is empty, you can fold it up and lift it out of bed. The old water mattress must not be disposed of with normal household waste, but belongs to bulky waste.

The bed platform is now empty. Do you have a waterbed with a duo system? The first place the thermal partition.

Then you can put the new water mattress to bed. Pay attention to which is the left and which is the right mattress. For waterbed XL, left and right mattresses are not interchangeable but are made specifically for each side of your waterbed. As a result, they connect precisely to the edges and edges of your bed pedestal.