Viscoelastic toppers and gel toppers: the exception?

A small exception here is viscoelastic toppers or gel toppers. The improved pressure relief can also create a more comfortable reclining feeling. An ergonomic improvement is also very rare here.

What is a viscoelastic topper?

Why this type of topper bears this name is easy to answer: The foam used adapts to the body, but only after some time, since it depends on the body temperature. Accordingly, body heat is critical to the deformation of the viscoelastic pad.

The viscous toppers are known as a temperature-sensitive variant, due to the time delay with which they adapt. This also has the consequence that when adjusting after a change in the reclining position again takes some time to adjust the edition. However, by adaptation in response to pressure and heat, they are considered orthopedic mattress overlays. Buy through thebest-mattress now.

The advantage of the Visco topper

The pressure relief provided by the topper promotes blood circulation. Both back and neck and joint pain can be alleviated.

What is a gel topper?

As the name suggests, there is the talk of Topper from gel or gel foam. The difference to the viscoelastic variant is that it is temperature independent.

In the topper, the gel foam is often combined with other materials such as cold or visco foam, to get a higher support force.

The benefits of gel toppers

Despite high elasticity, it is very dimensionally stable, so that the material adapts flexibly to the body. Very moving sleeper has the advantage that the topper can change its shape quickly. So no cooling and optimum pressure relief is guaranteed.

In addition, the material is very durable and optimal air circulation prevents you from sweating a lot during sleep, but still keeps you warm. The good air circulation also ensures that house dust mites rarely settle there, which is why a gel topper is also good for allergy sufferers. Furthermore, it is suitable for back and side sleepers, but also for stomach sleepers.

For many side sleepers, a gel topper can provide a particularly good help against persistent back pain and relieve both the spine, pelvis, and discs in their sleep.