Why are cheap mattresses rated so well and Where are good and cheap mattresses?

Why are cheap mattresses rated so well?

We have already commented extensively in this article, so here is just a brief summary.

These mattresses are perfectly fine for 300$ to 500$. Many of these one-fits-all thebest-mattress.org are of relatively good quality. However, one must point out that there is no mattress, which is suitable for every person. A mattress is a tailor-made suit and needs to be tailored to the person sleeping on it as part of a consultation.

Where are good and cheap mattresses?

What is a “good mattress”? If you look at durability and perhaps breathability, you might want to consider Max’s mattress, one of the many one-fits-all mattresses. One should, however, keep your fingers off the prank, because you are usually cheated more than good advice.

How much does a good mattress cost?

Since this is very individual, we can only give a rough indication. Basically, it has been shown that mattresses from $ 700 hold much longer and lead to much greater satisfaction with the customer. For mattresses over $ 1,300, these values ​​no longer rise.

At less than $ 500, the satisfaction rate of customers looking for good sleep nationwide is very low. For customers who are looking for something and have no claims to health and good sleep, of course, that is different.

With mattress prices between $ 500 and $ 700, you will find good quality, but not always the individually fitting mattress, because that depends on the body shape and the basic health conditions.

And there is a difference between cold foam mattresses and pocket spring mattresses: Who would rather buy cheap, will probably land with cold foam. High-quality and adaptable is usually pocket spring core. However, there are of course exceptions here, which must be found out when testing.

Is the slatted frame in bed important too?

It is clear to every 10-year-old with a basic physical understanding: If the mattress is not very high, the slatted frame plays a role. Go to a shop and test it yourself.

One exception is: Customers who have a high and relatively strong pocket spring mattress (but are not overweight) will not feel any effects from a slatted frame.